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  Rectangle Right Triangle Circle      
Box Right Circular Cylinder Sphere
  Torus Right Circular Cone Points on a Circle      


  Unit Converter Expression Calculator HP-35 RPN Calculator      
  Inverse Converter Linear Interpolation        


  Standard Deviation & Variance Order Statistics        
Pulsed Power      


  Resistance Calculator Cylindrical Resistor LC Resonant Frequency      
  Series LCR Circuit Parallel Plate Capacitance Vdot Probe Design      
  Delta-Sigma ADC           


  λ, ω & f Skin Depth Penetration Depth      
  Coaxial TL Stripline TL 2-Wire TL      
  Tapered Coax Cyclotron  Freq., Larmor Rad. Conical TL      
   Rogowski Coil Bdot Probe RF Coil Inductance      
  Circular Rod Array TL Stored L&C Energy        


  Static Fields in Coax Chang Profile Rogowski Profile      
  Pressures in Coax          

HV Design

  JCM  Breakdown in Oil, H2O Breakdown of Oil-Filled Coax Breakdown of H2O-Filled Coax      
  Stacked Ring Breakdown High Voltage Inductor Field Emission into Vacuum      
  Capacitor Shunt Resistance Streamer Velocity Copper Sulfate Resistors      

Plasma Physics

  I(scl) in Cylindrical Diode I(crit) in Cylindrical Diode I(crit) in Pinched Beam Diode      
  I(scl) in Planar Geometry          

MITL Physics

   Mendel MITL Mendel MITL Voltage Mendel Machine      
  Creedon MITL Creedon MITL Voltage Creedon Machine      


  Magnification & Blur Resolution Target